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lower your employee
benefits costs

We get TX businesses an average 17% reduction in their benefits costs,
and implement new plans 3x faster with paperless & streamlined administration


Plans can be locked-in at a rate for over 1 year, so you will have fewer renewals with price increases.

New Plan

Often our carriers give companies a credit for switching plans, up to $500 per employee.


You can lower your deductibles up to $4500 without sacrificing the quality of your coverage.

Real Results

Examples of companies that we lowered their benefits costs or improved their plans.

To respect our clients, their business names are not publically listed. During a 1-to-1 conversation we are able to share more information about each.

Water Treatment

65 employees, Abilene

  • Reduced premiums by 20%

  • Locked-in rates for 15 months

  • Received $20,000 one-time credit

Concrete Company

110 employees, Dallas

  • Before us they were used to dealing with high costs and no customer service

  • Reduced premiums by 25%

  • Now have better carriers, plan designs, and lower costs

Technology Research

130 employees, Houston

  • Reduced their rates by 18% (over $100k in premiums)

  • Went from 1 medical plan to 3 choices

  • Added dental, vision, life, disability, and EAP to round out their benefits package

Building Maintenance

40 employees, Fort Worth

  • Reduced premiums by 20%

  • Locked-in rates for over 1 year

  • Received $20,000 one-time credit

Truck Dealership

40 employees, Tyler

  • Reduced premiums by 30%

  • Been with us for 5+ years

  • Vastly improved their benefits so employee retention is higher

Pool Construction

130 employees, Dallas

  • Reduced premiums by 26%

  • This saved them $200K every year, and for 10+ years we’ve usually secured a 0% increase

  • $2,000,000 has been saved to-date in premiums

Road Construction

130 employees, Tyler

  • Reduced premiums by 15%

  • Premiums reduction equivalent to $65K /year

  • Vastly improved their benefits so employee retention is higher

Vehicle Recovery

55 employees, Dallas

  • They did not have a benefit package and were out of compliance

  • We found a solution with one of our exclusive carriers with low rates that were affordable to the employees and the company


105 employees, Dallas

  • Was out of compliance, Spanish was an issue at enrollment, and had poor coverage

  • Created a benefits package with major medical at an affordable cost to be in ACA compliance

  • Had Spanish enrollers that had 1:1 educational meetings with each employee


30 employees, Austin

  • Had 2 companies under 1 ownership and both needed the same coverage

  • We combined both medical offices together, which made administration easier and saw a 10% reduction in premiums

Exhibit Design

40 employees, Dallas

  • Reduced premiums by 20% (roughly $34k savings)

  • Locked-in rates for 15 months

  • Coverage was much better with new plan

Mortgage Lender

100 employees, Plano

  • They received a 20% increase from their old major medical carrier at renewal

  • We changed carriers, kept a similar plan design, and REDUCED their rate by 2.8%

  • Saving them $12k a month ($144k a year) many more

Companies of any size, or any industry, can easily reduce their premium costs while giving their employees the best coverage available.

How we help TEXANS with their benefits

  • 17% average savings in premiums

  • Lock-in guaranteed rates for over 1 year

  • One-time credit for switching plans, up to $500 per employee

  • Lower deductibles (can lower them by $4500)

  • Best employee coverage, meaning satisfaction and retention

  • Help with Compliance and Administration

  • Access to carriers that other brokers don't, more than 50 A+ carriers in our network

  • Our client retention rate is 96% because we always shop for new plans

  • 3x faster to get quotes and implement new plans

  • 90% of the time we will find you a plan with savings

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